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Can I Brush My Dog's Teeth With Regular Human Toothpaste?

The short answer is NO! Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Regular human toothpaste contains fluoride.

Most regular human toothpaste includes fluoride. 
It may irritate a dog's stomach and can even be poisonous.

2. Dogs won't spit out the toothpaste.

We, humans, have to spit out toothpaste. It's unhealthy even for humans to swallow it.
How would we make sure the dog doesn't swallow the fluoride-filled human toothpaste?

3. Dogs don't like the taste of regular human toothpaste.

Pet toothpaste, often flavored like poultry, malt, and other dog-friendly varieties are your best option.
The flavors help make dogs love having their teeth brushed.

Our recommended product to help your dog's daily toothbrushing.


To accommodate your daily dog's toothbrushing, we would like to recommend you our product, the Bristle Toothbrush Stick. It will make toothbrushing enjoyable for your dogs and effortless for you. 



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